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Our Culture

A common culture for our 29,000 team members. At Prisma Health, we are committed to creating a culture that inspires and motivates team members to excel for the benefit of all those we serve. Whether we are providing emergency care or welcoming a baby into the world, our team is dedicated to working together.
Diversity is top of mind 
Each Prisma Health team member has a commitment to care for everyone who comes through our doors no matter who they are, what they believe, or what they look like. Each team member brings a different ethnic, cultural, socioeconomic and educational background to the team that adds a richness to who we are and what we do. By embracing this diversity, we become a stronger and more understanding organization which benefits all our patients and each other.

Celebrating Work Friendships!​​​​​​​

Transplant Center Nursing Team

Working with grateful recipients and a selfless living donor has given the nurses in Prisma Health’s new Transplant Center at Greenville Memorial Hospital a new level of passion for caregiving. These four serve on the first team of transplant nurses on the Medical Telemetry unit.

Amy Odenwaelder, RN, Hannah Jones, RN, Diana Blake, RN, Kynleigh Mobley, RN
Prisma Health’s new Transplant Center at Greenville Memorial Hospital

Christie and Tammie

Tammie and Christie met working on the Marketing and Communications team in 2004 and became fast friends. They've traveled together, shopped together, shared life’s ups and downs, and, most of all, had a lot of fun along the way. ​​​​​​​

Laura and Paula

Laura and Paula met in January 2018 when Laura started on 10 East at Richland. They clicked right away and tried to work their schedules together as much as possible. They are now on different floors but stay in touch and try to visit as much as they can. They try to eat breakfast or lunch together. Laura is working in the NICU at Richland and Paula works for the Critical Care Team at Baptist ER. They started as coworkers and quickly became friends.

Reflections on friendship

Friendship is thinking of them before you. Its standing beside one another in the good and bad times. It's laughing, crying, praying, and trusting. These memories will last a lifetime.

Tyler, Giuliana, Savannah, & Conner

Tyler, Giuliana, Savannah, and Conner all graduated pharmacy school in 2019; however, they did not attend the same schools. This friendship didn't develop until they were hired as pharmacists in the operations department after graduation. Since then, each work in separate sectors of the pharmacy: OR, unit dose, sterile compounding, and clinical. Working on different teams has made their relationship stronger – they are able to bounce ideas off each other and celebrate what each individual does for the pharmacy team as a whole. They also bond over their love for dogs and frequently bring their "fur babies" together for playdates. Fun fact: Tyler, Giuliana, and Conner are all in Savannah's wedding this November!