Nurse Residency Program 
Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Prisma Health Nurse Residency Program?
The Prisma Health Nurse Residency Program is a robust evidence-based residency designed for new RN graduates to reach the following goals: 
  • Help bridge the academic preparation to clinical practice gap
  • Support the transition of the new RN graduate into the practice environment, encompassing both professional and personal growth
  • Provide and prepare the new RN graduate with the foundational knowledge, skills and competencies required for safe, quality nursing care in the chosen area of practice
  • Build a confident and competent professional through evidence-based practice, development of critical thinking skills and decision making and communication strategies

What are the residency program components? 

  • Structured orientation plan with (6-20 weeks, dependent on service line) guided education, computer-based training content and precepted time with experienced RNs

  • Clinical, professional development and reflective practice sessions to aid in the development of self-care and resilience

  • Simulation and skill lab experience using current professional curriculum, standards and evidence-based guidelines

  • Interactive class and computer-based educational support from national nursing organizations per service line-specific content

  • Engagement with Prisma Health clinical experts and leaders in a multi-disciplinary approach to patient care

  • Successful completion of weekly goals and objectives per service line, in addition to a program and simulation competency final

Is there a work commitment? 

  • Nurse residents will be required to remain in full-time status for one year on their initial unit of assignment from their date of hire.

How will I find out if I am accepted into the Nurse Residency Program?

  • You will be notified by a Prisma Health Talent Acquisition team member regarding acceptance into the Nurse Residency Program. At the time of offer, the Talent Acquisition team member will provide you with the final destination clinical unit in which you are to be transitioned to post residency completion based on manager selection. This is the unit in which you will complete clinical time with a designated preceptor. Based on the competitive nature of this program, offers will have an acceptance deadline.

  • If you are not notified of acceptance into the Nurse Residency Program for the service line that you interviewed for, please consider other service lines where you have interest. Based on the competitive nature of this program, application, interview selection and offers occur in a structured timeline. 

If I receive an offer into the residency program, what do I do?

  • The Talent Acquisition team member will instruct you on next steps, once you have been offered and accept a position in the residency program. This information will include a residency start date, pre-hire requirements and a review of your first week of orientation into the program. It is critical that you complete all pre-hire requirements in a timely manner.

Can I take time off while in the residency program?

  • As the content of the program is critical to your success, there will be no requests for time off during the Nurse Residency Program. There will be two times during residency that you will be able to request schedule alterations for your unit-based clinical time as long as we follow the primary/secondary preceptor structure; otherwise you are expected to follow the schedule. 

What type of BLS certification is required by Prisma Health?

  • Prisma Health only accepts American Heart Association (AHA) issued BLS provider completion cards. Having an AHA BLS card in advance is preferred but if you do not have a current card then you will need to complete the BLS course prior to clinical time on the unit.

Need assistance?

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