Sign-on Bonus Program

Learn more about sign-on bonuses for many of our career opportunities.

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Experience may be required for applicable sign-on bonuses.
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Only applicable to external candidates.
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Only applicable to full-time positions.
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Eligibility for rehires with a minimum of a one-year absence.

Current Sign-On Bonuses

Now is the perfect time to join Prisma Health! We offer a variety of sign-on bonuses for eligible full-time positions.
Prisma Health requires a 12-month commitment (we're confident you're going to love working here).
All bonuses are currently available until September 30, 2024.

Nursing and Patient Support

  • Direct Care RN: $7,500 (One year of RN experience is required.)

*Float pool and internal resource team members are not eligible for the sign-on bonus program.

  • New Grad RN: $5,000 – for specific units
  • Certified Medical Assistant and Medical Assistant: $2,000

Respiratory Therapists 

  • Minimum of one year of experience: $7,500
  • Less than one year of experience: $5,000

Surg Techs 

  • $7,500

Radiology/Imaging (no experience required)

  • CV Tech Interventional/Invasive: $7,500
  • Cardiovascular Sonographers: $7,500
  • Vascular Sonographers: : $7,500
  • Cardiac Sonographers: $7,500
  • EP Tech: $7,500
  • CT: $7,500
  • MRI Tech: $7,500
  • Mammography Tech 1 - Tuomey Hospital only: $7,500
  • Rad Tech, Imaging and Interventional Techs, Sonographers/Ultrasound, Radiation Therapists: $3,000

Occupational Therapists

  • Oconee: $7,500
  • Laurens: $7,500

Physical Therapists
  • Greenville: $7,500
  • Richland: $7,500
  • Tuomey: $7,500
  • Tuomey PT Assistant: $2,000

Registered Dietitians

  • $7,500


  • Medical Laboratory Technician: $5,000
  • Medical Laboratory Scientist: $5,000
  • Medical Technician: $5,000

Athletic Trainers

  • $5,000

    Bonus Payout Schedule and Additional Information

    • Sign-on bonuses are applicable to external candidates only.
    • Sign-on bonuses are subject to change at any time.
    • Bonuses are paid out at 90 days and 1 year of service.
    • A maximum of two payroll periods may occur after each benchmark for funds to be received.
    • Payments will be part of the compensation offered and will be subject to all applicable state, federal and FICA taxes.
    • Sign-on bonus agreement must be signed and returned prior to the start date to be eligible to receive bonus.